Open source midi controllers

beatrmatrix mk2 – Ableton Live controller

  • 16 step sequencer with velocity control
  • adding notes directly to Ableton’s piano roll/sequencer
  • modifying the loop length (start and end too)
  • Ableton session view clip launching
  • 3 mapable potentiometer to control anything Ableton
  • visual feedback through smd RGB (ws2812b) LEDs, indicating MIDI notes, velocity, step position, loop length and clips in session view

Demo video

beatrmatrix sequencer v1.0

  • Supports 8 different MIDI sounds, enabling the triggering of diverse drums or samples loaded into a drum rack.
  • Allows effortless creation and switching between 3 distinct patterns.
  • Each pattern consists of 16 steps, with the option to link two patterns for a 32-step sequencer.
  • Adjustable tempo, capable of halving the speed, ideal for handling longer samples.
  • Visual feedback through RGB (ws2812b) LEDs, indicating MIDI sound and step positions.
  • Dedicated buttons for placing individual sounds or samples on each step.
  • Compact design, measuring under 0.5cm tall, 12.8cm long, and 8cm wide.

Demo video